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background :

I wanted to test for the fun how much high grades CRS I can reproduce from a Regular CRS ( S grade) with S-SSS genes.

Of course the results may change from one test to another even with the same parents shrimps , but since I’ve seen them giving birth to all kind of grades and even few SW at my mix grade CRS tank I wanted to test it for the fun .

I took 10 low grade from the mixed grades tank and let them live with each other with no other shrimps type or grade .



The result’s from the first batch was very surprising  !

about 5 regular S grade shrimps,  1 SS shrimp and 3 Red Rubi’s !

Since I don’t have Taiwan bees at all and those CRS never have produce anything else except CRS  the results are really surprising for me.


You can see more of the Red Rubi in my other upcoming posts .