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photos by : Christian & Aissah  –  shrimp keepers couple from Guadeloupe ( Caribbean islands )

Great Job guys ! Thanks for sharing 🙂



Breeding fast now .
most of them are low grades I will have to do some selection to bring the level up .

the next generation of SW was finally born !

Lately I had a hard time dealing with the summer heat and random deaths among the SW and the water parameters where changing up and down and that didn’t help either..

Finally I hope I manage to get some stability in my tank in the last couple of weeks and after long period of time got a new batch of SW so far from what Ive seen 100%  are SW shrimps with no CRS

Also ALL of the females in this tank are now with eggs so there is a lot to wait for..

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here is my Red Ruby Shrimps 🙂

Can you spot him ?  his right in the middle of picture standing on the branch a 2-3 days old  

a month old:


Stay Tuned more coming very soon…

Few words on this tank  :

I had many SW in my crystals mixed tank .     few were born to a regular CRS few to  other SW shrimps

I decided to give them a dedicated tank in order to try to improve the quality of color by selective breeding

and try to get improvement in the amount of SW baby born in each birth

I started out with 10-12 shrimps all have differnt size and age and color quality

Few Days later first pregnants

spinach treat for the preg mothers 🙂

overall look:


new updates soon …

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Technical specs and settings :

Size-        80L Panoramic

Water type  – 100 %  tap water

average temp  – 24 c

Light –  16W   (2 X T8)

System Age :   1 year