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WOS Is Back !

Posted: July 17, 2013 in About this Blog, news
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WOS Is Back!
Finally after loooong period of time this blog is back to business!
Lately I have been very busy with new things in my life, I have started to moderate a local Israeli Shrimp forum and invest energy in marketing and developing the hobby in Israel while helping out new hobbyists to get into the hobby on the right foot so they can catch the “shrimp virus” as much as possible .
We currently have very little shrimp community around here that have to grow and gained more respect from the other aquarium Hobbyists and shop owners which at the moment almost completely ignored us (except maybe two stores) so it’s a top priority issue for me.
Luckily I’m glad to tell you Ive already seen results in this investment and the forum created a full “Shrimp month“ dedicated especially for us and although it killed my spare time completely it was worth it ! I can see more people catching up with this hobby and show more interest so I hope thing will continue to go in this direction .
Also I’m working now on a new massive shrimp rack in my house (pictures will follow in the next days) so its big time consuming and that along with work , family life and other thing going on in my life left us with no energy or time to write this blog but don’t worry I’m not giving up 😉
So let me share with you my near future plans for this Blog .
First on the short term I hope to keep updating this blog back normally on regular basis and on the long term I’m planning to make changes in the design of this blog too (and maybe on the blog server host) since I’m little tired of this blog look and lots of people complains they can’t navigate comfortably in here ..
Anyway stay tuned for new updates and BTW the first post after this break is a debt I have for German friends and to my readers that wanted to hear more about the Hanover pet show I was attended not while ago.


My new Rack 🙂