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WOW What an excitement!
Shrimp fans get ready to be thrilled !
The 5th International Shrimp Championship is about to arrive and will take place from 25th to 27th January 2013 at Hanover, Germany as part of the Heimtiermesse Hanover pet show.
The event was conceived with the idea of presenting the hobby of keeping freshwater invertebrates to those interested in this sphere, and also to organize an international competition for shrimp breeders.
this probably will be the biggest event ever taken for shrimp fans with around 250 tanks !!
the contest will be in 10 different categories to cover all the species and grades correctly on the market and since the passing year was full with new developments in the matter of new patterns and colors in shrimps I’m sure this year will provide us a stunning great show that every shrimp lover must not miss , and with a lot of new shrimps and breeders on the market the competition is now bigger and harder and the bar is being pushed up again and again every day so there is much to wait for .

here are the details for this event :

The new guidelines for 2013 are here –

registration for the 2013 competition in English can be found here –

the main sponsors for this contest is Cardina Magazine (German) –

More updates and details will follow the next days so stay tuned 🙂